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    Activate your imagination and envision and create your own world.
    Join HERO GAMES, where we aim to foster your creativity and vision.
    We seek talented, enthusiastic innovators who are passionate about forging extraordinary gaming experiences and delivering world-class games.
    Join us so we can delve into the exciting realms of real and virtual worlds and create endless new possibilities... together!

    Working Environment

    Dynamic and interactive

    • Office Environment


      Meeting room

      Our Mascot – 66!

      Workspace Environment


      Entertainment Room

    Come to HERO GAMES

    Create world-class games and make a difference together!

    Rewards and Benefits

    Match heroes with hero-level privileges

    • Remuneration

      Competitive salaries, project completion bonuses,
      various subsidies, long-term incentives

    • Employee Benefits

      Social insurance, pension fund, housing subsidy,free physical examination, onsite first aider

    • Work-life Balance

      Generous annual leave,Paid leave (sick/marriage/bereavement/maternity/nursing)

    • Exclusive Gifts

      Birthday Gifts, Exclusive Customized Gifts,
      Festival/Holiday Gifts

    • Teambuilding Events

      Team building party,overseas traveling,year-end party

    • Employee Onsite Benefits

      Staff canteen,free shuttle bus,studio apartment,
      gym, e-sports hall, basketball court, VR room,
      kitchen, and outdoor rooftop leisure area.

    • Daily Gift Pack

      Lunch allowance,free dinner,
      unlimited drinks and snacks

    • Mentoring Program

      Newcomer mentoring program,internal experience sharing,external senior experts teaching, general vocational skills training

    • Learning and Developing

      Experienced teammates,Top talents in the industry,
      Promotion opportunities, easy interpersonal relationships

    Growth and Career Development

    Level up to become an unparalleled hero!

    • Hero Academy:

        Since its establishment, Hero Academy has adhered to its original intention of sharing knowledge and resources and promoting business development.   It has built an excellent online learning platform for hero employees that cater to newcomer training, vocational training, general ability training, leadership training, and other courses for heroes.
        At the same time, industry experts are invited to come and share their knowledge base and enrich our employees learning experience.   Helping our heroes understand the company culture and growing their knowledge of the industry plays a crucial role in improving their quality of work.
        Hero Academy will continue to stick to its original aspiration of creating an excellent learning enterprise to empower our employees and actively help business development.

    • Mentoring Program:

        Being a newcomer in an unfamiliar work environment can be overwhelming. A wide range of work situations can create role confusion, such as beginning a new job, starting in a new organisation, a transfer, or just being inexperienced.
        You will need a career "strategist" to help you quickly catch up on the company culture and gain the necessary experience to get you on top of things. We will arrange an exclusive "Hero Mentor" for each new hero at HERO GAMES.
        A "Hero Mentor" plays a unique role in training new staff members and uses one-on-one mentoring to help newcomers grow faster in HERO GAMES. Feel free to ask your mentor at any time to assist you in overcoming any hurdles that might be impeding your growth and development and, in turn, build a strong and lasting bond with your mentor!

    Join Us

    Create world-class games, and make a difference together

    HERO GAMES is hiring! Get in touch today and send us your CV and portfolio to jobs@yingxiong.com

    Match heroes with hero-level privileges