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    Our Story:

    HERO GAMES is a leading game developer and publisher. Our mission is "to make great games that inspire ourselves". Our vision is "Global Quality. Make Difference". At the beginning of our company, we launched our first game, "Crisis Action', which proved itself a benchmark for FPS games with nationwide popularity. 


    Our Games:

    Gunplay and Sandbox Game: Crisis Action/ Utopia: Origin/ Last Island of Survival/ King of Warships/ Clash of Panzer: Tank Battle;

    High-Quality Content Game/ Gray Raven: Punishing/ Phantom Blade 3/ Red Tides (Apple iPad "Best Game of the Year");

    High-Quality Numerical Game: Dynasty Legends/ Three Kingdoms.


    JOIN US:

    HERO GAMES has more than 1800 employees in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Shanxi, Hangzhou, Taiwan, Europe, America, Japan and South Korea. "Never Lose, Never Satisfied" is our corporate culture. We make every effort to provide our employees with the best work environment. If you want to make world-class games, join us and make a difference.

    Embrace greater challenges & create ingenious games with HERO's standards

    Brand-new Mission

    Embrace greater challenges and create ingenious games with HERO's standards.

    To make a game that satisfies our users, we ensure that it excites us first. Every game is filled with our passion, which drives Hero Games to produce and develop outstanding games.

    Consistent Vision

    Developing world-class games with ingenious gamer passion.

    The gaming world is changing fast with rapid technological advances in the industry. Users' standards for quality virtual content have been raised subsequently. World-class quality and innovative content constitute the business moat of our corporation.

    Our Values

    No satisfaction in defeat and being the creator always exceed the limits

    Never surrender when suffering setbacks, and never be satisfied with the status quo. This is our drive to keep moving forward.


    • Demonstration Enterprise for Cultural and Technological Integration

      The awarder:Shaanxi Provincial Department of Science and Technology

    • Unicorn Enterprise of the Ministry of Science and Technology

      The awarder:Ministry of Science and Technology, Great Wall Strategic Consulting

    • The best case of going to sea in Asia

      The awarder:Google Play

    • Top 50 Chinese Overseas Brands

      The awarder:Facebook